Jan Strumphler Bows

At Jan Strumphler’s atelier, you’ll find different types of handmade bows for all stringed instruments. Also, Jan Strumphler takes care of all your repairs and restorations, re-hairs en maintenance and occasionally he has (study)bows for sale made by other makers.

Newly made bows

For his modern bows for violin, viola, cello and bass, Jan Strumphler uses first class Pernambuco wood and works in the tradition of famous French bow makers from the 19th century. On request, bows can be made ‘to measure’ or adapted to suit specific wishes, for instance with regard to balance, weight, flexibility or size. If you wish, Jan Strumphler makes an exact copy of your favourite model. Bows are silver- or gold-mounted.

Classical or baroque bows are made to models from the 17th and 18th century from snake wood or Pernambuco wood.

Repairs and restorations

Jan Strumphler is an expert at repairing broken heads, making copies of frogs, correcting camber and balance and large restorations. Of course, he also takes care of all your small maintenance, like replacing mother of pearl, faces and such.


If handed in before 11 o’clock, re-hairs are normally ready the next (work)day.

Sale of bows by other makers

Regularly, Jan Strumphler has (study)bows made by other makers for sale in several price ranges, both modern and old. Please contact the atelier by phone for what we currently have on offer.

You’re welcome

You’re always welcome to make an appointment to visit the atelier. Here you can make or discuss your choice at leisure. You’ll find our address and how to get there on the contact page.

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